For 38 years, Handyware Philippines, Inc. continuously strives and dedicate its effort towards the improvement and
          modernization of the country’s various manufacturing industries.  To date, it is considered as one of the largest and most stable trading
          companies in the Philippines since the 1980’s.


     Cheese, barbecue, sour cream, apple, grape, orange, chicken, beef are just some of the flavors and seasonings being source by Handyware all over the world.  These flavors bring appeal and character to all food products like snacks, noodles, cakes, jelly and others. Thus, creating a product identity for every product for consumers to enjoy.  Fragrances on the other hand, may also be added to both food and non-food items. From a wide variety of foods, fragrance may also be used for such products as soap, perfumes, lotions, beauty products and others.  Other products such as corn grits, snack pellets, fats and oils, emulsifiers, greasing and release agents, preservatives and others have been added to the wide range of products being supplied through the FFFS Division.

*Other fats, flavors, fragrances & seasonings available through inquiry.

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