For nearly 38 years, Handyware Philippines, Inc. continuously strives and dedicate its effort towards the improvement
          and modernization of the countryís various manufacturing industries.  To date, it is considered as one of the largest and most stable trading
          companies in the Philippines since the 1980ís.



     One of the oldest division established by HPIís founder way back in the 70ís, is now considered the biggest player in the food-manufacturing field.  Products such as potato chips, corn chips, extruded bake snacks, pretzels, nuts, instant noodles, wet noodles, cakes, confectioneries, rice porridge crackers and biscuits, pasta, meat, and others are supplied by Handyware to all small to large scale manufacturing companies in the region.  With a team of experts guiding every manufacturing company, every client will be assured of maximizing their investment in the fulfillment of their goals.

     Philippines, the biggest snack consumer in Asia has always relied on the advance technology provided by Heat & Control.  Virtually all snack manufacturing companies that produce either Potato Chip or Corn Chip / Tortilla Chip will have one secret. Currently, Heat & Control has also introduce new processing equipment including nugget formers, breading machines, and others.

     Who better make pasta than the Italians themselves. For more than 20 years, Pavan Mapimpianti Spa. has been providing equipment for the production of the highest quality snacks. Pavanís short goods and long goods pasta can be distinguished by the taste and texture that only a Pavan line can produce.

     As part of the Asian culture, noodles have always played a big role in providing every individual the best alternatives for rice and bread. Having sold more than 50 noodle lines since its introduction in the late 70ís, the growth of noodle consumption continues to draw interest from food manufacturers as demand for the flour base product increases day by day.

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