For nearly 38 years, Handyware Philippines, Inc. continuously strives and dedicate its effort towards the improvement
          and modernization of the country’s various manufacturing industries.  To date, it is considered as one of the largest and most stable trading
          companies in the Philippines since the 1980’s.

     As the world's demand for innovative food servicing equipments increases, so does Handyware's commit-
ment to its partners and clients.  This division was created to comply with the company’s obligation to its business partners in the industry. In the Philippines alone, an increase of more than 50% of newly registered food service establishment were noted in the year 2000.  Seeing the potential of the food service industry, Handyware took the initiative in setting up a new division specialized in providing established restaurant as well as starting entrepreneurs, the innovative and most revenue-wised equipments for the said industry.  With the stability and experience of Handyware, big names in the food service market became partners.  And as the competition tightens, businesses that worked with us knew how vital it is to have a committed partner that shares a similar vision towards progress. 

* Other equipments in Food Services Processing may be issued upon request.


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