For nearly 38 years, Handyware Philippines, Inc. continuously strives and dedicate its effort towards the improvement
          and modernization of the countryís various manufacturing industries.  To date, it is considered as one of the largest and most stable trading
          companies in the Philippines since the 1980ís.



     Printing machines for both security and non-security have always been a part of Handywareís history.  Itís founder who himself came from the printing industry is considered one of the experts in the country having ample knowledge in the styles and techniques used in producing quality prints.  As the industry continues to grow, the need to promote both brand new and second hand equipment became necessary. Such being the case, Handyware listens to its customers call and has been responsible in making both ends meet by providing any printing equipment of high quality at the lowest price possible.  Likewise, new equipment has been supplied to a numerous clients for both high-end printers as well as those who have specialized in a specific printing application.

     Handyware also distributes reconditioned offset printing machinery including web and sheet fed printing machines, single color and multi-color printing machines from Heidelberg, Man-Roland, Komori and cutters, bookbinders and others.

* more printing equipments and consumables available upon request. 

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