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After Sales

The real challenge in providing the best equipment for any industry is to sustain the productivity of the equipment. With Handyware’s 50 years of business experience, it has developed world class service engineers well trained oversees to maintain the optimum operation of the equipment it supplies. World class service and customer care is one of Handyware’s core values.

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  • Department 1

    Department 1

    We will forever be the best in assisting our customers in searching, creating and developing innovative products so they can be more competitive.
  • Department 2

    Department 2

    We do not stop investing in training and developing our people so we can continue to provide services that will exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Department 3

    Department 3

    We work as a team to achieve our goals and aspirations. We have unity of purpose that will involve all departments and all personnel.
  • Department 4

    Department 4

    We are committed to conduct our business affairs fairly and what is ethical within the company, with our business partners and with the government.